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Indian Independence Day


For the Indians reading this, skip straight ahead to the list; the introduction is, no doubt, something you’ve read and had seared into your brain ever since you learnt to read.

For all my international friends out there, here is a short summary of the Indian Independence Day, and how it came to be. India celebrates its Independence Day on the 15th of August. We became a free nation from the British rule in

1947, after 190 long years.

Countless people have been involved in our freedom, from Mahatma Gandhi, a well-known global icon, to Bhagat Singh, who influenced several revolutions across India. There have been poets like Bharathiar and Sarojini Naidu who swept the common people of India into the fight. Independence Day is an occasion when we celebrate these people for their sacrifices and it’s a chance for us to be grateful for the freedom that surrounds us every second of our lives. The youngsters of today cannot imagine what it was like to live under another country’s rule, and this is a gift given from all the freedom fighters that fought for the country.

Usually, articles written for Independence Day highlight the events that led to a free India, and while it is important to know the facts, chances are, most people are bored with the repetitiveness of it. And that is why this article is going to deviate from the norm a little bit.

Without further ado, here is a list of unusual ways people celebrate Independence Day:

1. There are bike rides organised all over India in this day. Anyone with a bike can join in, and it’s proving to be a much more fun way of celebrating rather than sitting at home and watching the TV specials while your fingers reach for yet another gulab jamun.

2. Go on a road trip! This year, Independence Day falls in the middle of the week, and what better excuse do we get to just take the other two days off? Celebrate your freedom to go wherever you want by visiting some of the hidden gems in the country.

3. Whip out a traditional recipe from the Internet, or better still, call your grandmother up and follow her instructions to make a dish that’s been passed on generation to generation. It will prove to be a sweet bonding experience, and if you succeed, then you’ve got a great new dish to show off to everyone.

4. Plan a day for kids with the theme of Independence Day. While this isn’t unusual, and I’ve participated in many as a kid myself, I see less and less of these nowadays. Revive this idea for a lot of fun!

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